Supervisors Draw Patterson’s Name for Mayor

Written by on November 12, 2013 in News

The city of Salem doesn’t have an ordinance that calls for a run-off election in case of a tie. So, according to Iowa code, the county supervisors must draw the name of the winner. Tuesday morning Gary See, chair of the Henry County Board of Supervisors drew Dan Patterson’s name to break the tie for mayor of Salem. The other name in the drawing was incumbent mayor Linda Ward.

The supervisors also canvassed the votes from the November 5 municipal elections. Auditor Shelly Barber noted that in the Wayland election Scott Shumaker received 54 votes, not 4. Either way, he was still elected to fill a vacancy on the Wayland Council.

Barber also said there has not been a decision in Mt. Union as to how a third seat on that city’s council will be filled. Due to a paperwork snufu on the city’s part, only two vacancies were listed on the ballot and there should have been three. However, only two candidates took out papers. The third seat would have been a write-in. The Mt. Union council can choose to appoint someone to the seat. Or it can be filled by special election. Barber said someone has taken out the papers to petition for a special election. The petition requires 10 signatures.

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