2013 Year in Review First Quarter

Written by on December 26, 2013 in News

KILJ news and Two Rivers Bank are pleased to bring you the news portion of our annual Year in Review….a look back at the old as we move forward into the new.
The new year meant new beginnings in many ways. It began with the swearing in of the new sheriff, Rich McNamee and a new county supervisor, Greg Moeller.
The Mt. Pleasant Community School District began 2013 by hiring a firm to help with the search for a replacement for long-time Supt. Dr. John Roederer. Roederer had already announced his retirement effective July 1 of this year. Other area schools would also see leadership changes. Van Buren Schools announced Supt. Lisa Beames would be moving on. Harmony Supt. Dennis Phelps decided to leave the Harmony district. The WACO school board decided to bring back Dr. Darrell Smith on a part time basis as supt. And that meant Patrick Coen would go back to running just the WMU district.
The Mt. Pleasant City Council had already given approval for a scheduled deer hunt within the city limits. But the first meeting of the citizens committee that would come up with rules and regulations for the hunt was held in February.
Despite the threat of more winter weather, the Grand Avenue reconstruction project got underway at the start of March as the city of Mt. Pleasant put in motion plans to re-do another major byway.
During the first quarter of 2013 Access Energy Cooperative, headquartered in Mt. Pleasant announced plans to celebrate its 75th anniversary in a big way during the annual summer meeting. A special Kick-off open house was held in March at the local facility
It was during the first quarter of 2013 that the community learned the RSVP program in Mt. Pleasant would be phased out over the year because of reduced government financial support and federal government red tape. Plus, Karen Bates Chabal, who has been the director since 2006, decided to move from the community. The Henry County Health Center board of directors voted to transition RSVP services to local support. Medical transportation, one of the big services provided by RSVP volunteers, was handed over to the Fellowship Cup. Eventually, all RSVP services would fall under the Fellowship Cup umbrella under the direction of Carol Dustman.
Work continued in 2013 on facility improvements at Henry County Health Center and the close to home campaign. The hospital initiated a hospitalist program hoping to hire two doctors that would be responsible for hospitalized patients, freeing up the clinic doctors and taking HCHC into a new era of patient care.

Stay tuned as we continue our review of 2013 quarter by quarter during each of our KILJ newscasts, courtesy of Two Rivers Bank in Mt. Pleasant.

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