Another Scam Making the Rounds

Written by on January 17, 2014 in News

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office warns citizens of a new phone scam making the rounds.  The subject calling claims to be an officer of the IRS and people are told that the officer is attempting to collect unpaid taxes.  They are warned that the officer will come to their home and arrest them if the taxes are not paid.  The Caller ID on the citizen’s phone displays the Lee County Sheriff’s telephone number of 319.372.1152.  This is a scam.  No personnel at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office are making these calls and no personnel are employed by the IRS.  Another scam making its rounds in email version in which a phone number is sent, telling the receiver to call because a debit card has been compromised.  As always: do not provide any personal information to anyone over the phone and do not send any money.  Also, do not open or reply to any suspicious emails.  A similar scam has also been reported in Missouri.

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