Exciting New Program from IWC

Written by on January 15, 2014 in News

Iowa Wesleyan College and Indian Hills Community College are announcing a new partnership in the Early Childhood Education discipline.  That means students who complete their Associates of Applied Science degree for Indian Hills will now be able to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education at IWC with a smooth and seamless transition process.

It allows those interested in the field to obtain teacher licensure in order to teach preschool or kindergarten.  According to Dr. Becky Beckner, Associate Professor of Education and chair of the Teacher Education Program at IWC, many jobs are available in the field including teaching at a private childcare facility or school, becoming a nanny or even opening a childcare program.

By completing two more years of school, students can become licensed to teach in public school.  The required coursework at Iowa Wesleyan can be taken in evening, which allows students to start their careers while continuing their education.  A signing ceremony will be held this coming Monday at 2 pm on the Indian Hills campus in the Rural Health Education Center Conference Room to announce this new partnership.

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