IWC Enters Into New Agreement With SCC

Written by on January 16, 2014 in News

Iowa Wesleyan announces a new partnership.  Southeastern Community College and IWC are signing a cooperative enrollment agreement.  It updates and combines policies and practices between the two institutions into a single document, making it a smooth transition from one institution to the other.  Benefits include: reciprocating student id cards and privileges, a transfer agreement for SCC students, cooperative use of services and facilities and a streamlined dual admission process.  Students will be able to count classes as part of the other school’s course load, and to take advantage of services such as library, events and computer labs AND guaranteed admission to IWC when admitted to SCC.  Currently-enrolled students will also benefit from this agreement.  The hope is to make a seamless transition so that students will no longer have to travel outside of the region to earn a four-year degree.

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