WACO Community Schools participate in the national Backpack Program

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No community is immune from hunger. WACO Schools provides weekend meals through the national “Backpack Program” to any WACO student that needs grocery help over the weekend.

WACO Elementary School Nurse, Jenny Kaufman R.N. will be working with local organizations to successfully continue the program. Kaufman states, “I’m confident that our community will see this program through as we provide nutritious meals for the weekend for our participating families.”

The national Backpack Program concept was developed in 2006 when a school nurse asked for help because students were coming to her office on Monday mornings complaining of hunger. In response the community began to provide school children with groceries to carry home for the weekends in a backpack. This program now operates in 39 states; participation in the program is FREE.

The BackPack program is a confidential program and participant information will not be shared.
• The BackPack program meets the needs of hungry children and their families by providing them with nutritious and easy-to-prepare meals for the weekend.
• Backpacks will be packed and sent home weekly on Thursday.
• Empty backpacks must be returned to the school on Monday

For more information about our program, please contact Nurse Jenny at the elementary school.
An updated list of the non-perishable and perishable food items needed for the backpacks is listed below. If you, or your organization wish to donate items, you may bring them directly to WACO Elementary or High School. Please feel free to contact Jenny Kaufman R.N., WACO Elementary School Nurse if you have any questions regarding the program. (319) 658-2931 Email: jenny.kaufman@wacocsd.org

WACO BackPack Program
Non- Perishable Food Item List
• Fruit of any kind and applesauce (Priority)
• Vegetables: green beans, corn, carrots and peas
• Tomato sauce and canned tomatoes for chili
• Chili beans, pork & beans
• Pizza sauce
• Spaghetti sauce with meat or sausage
• Tuna, chicken or ham
• Soup
Other Non-Perishable items needed: NO GLASS JARS PLEASE
• Peanut butter, jam or jelly (plastic containers only)
• Soup mixes (Bear Creek or similar type mixes)
• Granola bars, cereal bars, pretzels, animal crackers
• Soup crackers
• Cereal and oatmeal
• Pancake mix and syrup
• Jell-O and pudding mix.
• Pasta any type or Pasta bakes
• Taco shells
• Hamburger , tuna and chicken helper
• Boxed potato, rice and pasta mixes
• Macaroni & Cheese
• Microwave popcorn
Perishable Food Item List

• Beef, pork, chicken or turkey. Packaged and labeled from a locker or grocery store. One to two pound packages are desired for this program.
• Meat for sandwiches: Ham, turkey, beef or bologna
• Hotdogs
• Bacon , sausage patties or links
• Butter or margarine, tub or sticks
• Cheese slices (they freeze well until used)
• Potatoes
• Apples

NON-Food: One gallon Zip-lock type storage bags.

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