Facilites Discussed at School Public Meeting

Written by on April 24, 2014 in News

The Mt. Pleasant school board wants to know what district residents think about a proposed plan for renovations to every school in the district. The facilities piece of an overall strategic plan has a price tag of over 30 million dollars. The first of several public meetings was held Wednesday with over 20 people in attendance at the 9 am meeting. Highlights of the entire plan were presented but it was the updates and additions to the school buildings that was the focus. Supt. Mike Wells and the two school board members who attended tried to impress on the citizens that input is still needed in the planning process. And that the plan is not set in stone. The school board will hold a work session to consider the input from the public meetings. Those attending were asked to fill out a questionnaire designed to provide input with questions like What do like about the facility improvements, what are your concerns about the facility plans, should the district maintain Maple Leaf Athletic complex or move athletics to the high school site, what about creating and early childhood center….Supt Wells admitted the addition of a fine arts center and auditorium and moving football and track to the high school site were the most controversial parts of the plan and most expensive. Meeting attendees receive a hand out that breaks out the estimated cost of work at each school building, cost of a early childhood learning center and new district offices. There is also a detailed financial report on how to pay for the plan. And if district residents want to, they can go to the district website and access the whole 400 page strategic plan….of which only about 30 pages deal with facilities. The next meeting is April 30 at 7 pm followed by meetings May 5 and 6 also at 7 pm all in the public library civic center second floor meeting room.

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