Written by on June 10, 2014 in News

By Harry Hillaker, State Climatologist, Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship

It was a very active week of weather across Iowa. Three large precipitation events on Sunday (1st), Tuesday (3rd) and Saturday (7th) brought copious amounts of rain to much of the state. The Sunday event brought heaviest rain, along with some high winds, to northwest and far western Iowa with Cherokee reporting 4.11 inches of rain. The Tuesday event brought a very damaging combination of large hail and high winds to parts of southwestern Iowa, roughly along and south of a Harrison County to Decatur County line. Very heavy rain fell over the same southwestern counties while rain amounts decreased to just sprinkles in far northeast Iowa. Lamoni Airport reported 5.65 inches of rain with this second event. The final event came on Saturday and brought showers and thunderstorms to much of the southeast two-thirds of Iowa but without any severe weather. Bloomfield reported the most rain with this Saturday event with 2.76 inches. Overall weekly rain totals varied from 0.43 inches at Cedar Falls to 7.30 inches at Red Oak, 7.17 inches at Oakland and 7.05 inches at Lamoni Airport. There was a statewide average of 2.33 inches of rain. This was double the weekly normal of 1.17 inches and was the highest weekly average since late May 2013. Finally, there were also several reports of large hail over far northwestern Iowa on Thursday afternoon. Sunday (1st) was the warmest day of the reporting week except in the rain cooled northwest portion of the state. Warm and humid air also dominated all but northwest Iowa on Monday (2nd) while temperatures averaged a few degrees either side of normal for the remainder of the week. Temperature extremes varied from a Sunday (1st) afternoon high of 92 degrees at Little Sioux to a Sunday (8th) morning low of 45 degrees at Spencer. Temperatures for the week as a whole averaged 2.7 degrees above normal.

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