Louisa County Fair Queen and Princess Contests

Written by on July 21, 2014 in News

The Louisa County Fair Queen and Princess contests will be held Monday evening on the stage in front of the grandstand at the fair grounds in Columbus Junction. The contests will follow 4H and Clover Kids Family Night which starts at 6 pm.

2014 Louisa County Fair Queen contestants
• Kelsi Gerels, 16, daughter of Tammi and Rod Eaton
• Kelsey Pretz, 17, daughter of Dayle and Michael Pretz of Columbus Junction
• Kori Pritchard, 17, daughter of Rhonda and Rob Pritchard of Morning Sun
• Alia Lawrence, 17, daughter of Carmen and Ron Lawrence of Columbus Junction
• Alessandra Colon, 18, great-granddaughter of Vivian and Glen McCulley of Columbus Junction
• Samantha Jamison, 17, daughter of Marcia and Mike Jamison of Columbus Junction
• Zoey Murphy, 16, daughter of Caullie and Tom Murphy of Columbus Junction
2014 Louisa County Fair Princess contestants
• Kaelyn Townsley, 6, daughter of Jill and Bryan Townsley of Morning Sun
• Zoey Delzell, 5, daughter of Kristyn and Jason Delzell of Wapello
• Taylor Jackson, 5, daughter of Ashley Jackson and Chris Calvin of Morning Sun
• Kamdyn Hahn, 6, daughter of Kaelee Hahn and Ki Schmidt of Grandview
• Audrey Hoback, 7, daughter of Kelly and Andy Hoback of Nichols
• Clara Ball, 4, daughter of Amanda and Brian Ball of Wapello
• Jaden Ecklund, 7, daughter of Dawn and Michael Ecklund of Wapello
• Addison Marin, 5, daughter of Sasha and Jacob Marin of Columbus Junction
• Isabella Larson, 7, daughter of Trisha and Gregory Larson of Wapello

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