Access Energy Annual Meeting

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– Members in of Access Energy Cooperative in southeast Iowa celebrated 76 years last night with an estimated record crowd of 3500 members at their Annual Meeting of Members.
Access Energy Cooperative collectively began building a sophisticated power production and delivery system in 1938 and that system is still bringing them safe, reliable and efficient service today. With stringent maintenance programs and construction work plans, along with technology, it will continue to provide that same service well into the future.
That’s the message that members of Access Energy Cooperative heard Tuesday August 5th at the co-op’s annual meeting of members. With near-ideal initial weather conditions, the crowd was estimated at 3500 people..
Speakers during the business session discussed the cooperatives’ history and contribution to community, and how the past powers the future of the members. President of the Henry County Area Development Commission David File’s welcome remarks complimented the cooperative and its members and how the cooperative benefits even the people in the local communities who are not members of the cooperative. He offered a reminder that the Access Energy Cooperative annual meeting of members used to conclude with a Miss REC contest and that it would be something to think about bringing that back to the meeting.
Also at annual meeting, David Hollingsworth was elected to fill a vacant position by Director Atwood who retired after 27 years serving as Director of the cooperative. Don was offered congratulations and in appreciation for his services, a donation was offered to his two favorite charities.
Incumbents Jerry Barker and Marvin Holtkamp were re-elected as Directors to serve three-year terms on the nine-person board. Following the annual meeting of members, the board met for a re-organizational meeting and the following directors were elected as officers of the board: Jerry Barker, President; Fred Hickenbottom Vice President; Joe Heckethorn Secretary; and Marvin Newton as Treasurer.
More than 30 attendance prizes were awarded during the day including several $100 and $50 bill credits. The grand prize of $250 is a one-time draw for the night and member must be present to win. Since the member’s whose was name drawn was not present at the time of drawing, the $250 will roll into next year’s annual meeting of members for a $500 bill credit prize.
Other highlights of the day included an outstanding performance by Kross Kountry and many family fun activities including pony rides by Shady acres; inflatable activities for kids by Jump-4-Fun; and drive-a-tractor by Joel Proennecke. Several booths were available offering information energy efficiency, the cooperative’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, the Coop Connections Card, in addition to safety demonstrations.
Access Energy Cooperative serves more than 9,000 meters along more than 2,200 miles of distribution lines in ten southeast Iowa counties. Access Energy Cooperative is a member of Touchstone Energy, a national alliance of locally owned, community-minded electric co-ops with high standards of service.

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