Citizen Asks Board to Fire Superintendent

Written by on August 12, 2014 in News

Todd Batey said he wasn’t planning to speak at the Mt. Pleasant School Board meeting last night but he did and he ended by asking the board to terminate the superintendent’s contract. Batey read a prepared statement that he wrote Monday after hearing about what was said at the district staff meeting Monday morning. Batey is a member of SOS, Save Our School, group which he described as a group of concerned citizens who have consistently supported the kids, school and community. His motivation for joining the group was the feedback from his wife, a former teacher in the district who now substitutes and who said the teachers were being intimidated by the superintendent. He also shared his concerns about the teachers no confidence vote, what he describes as the toxic working environment for the teachers and staff, the way the district strategic plan was created, the issues that arose regarding Dr. Well’s title and education as well as his resume. Batey asked the question, “When are the members of this board going to begin supporting the people of this community who elected them over the welfare of Mr. Wells?” Batey also said in his statement, “When we reflect on the past year, it has become obvious that the effectiveness of Supt. Wells to perform his job has been compromised to the point that he should be asked to step down as leader of this school district.” Batey ended by saying, “Putting the education of our children first, I am asking you to terminate Mr. Wells’ contract.”

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