Safety Check Near Wever

Written by on August 23, 2014 in News

On the afternoon of August 21, 2014, Troopers from the Iowa State Patrol’s District 13 of Mt. Pleasant conducted a traffic safety project on US Highway 61 in Lee County near Wever. This was organized due to an ongoing concern for the motoring public from a large construction project. The Iowa State Patrol and Lee County Sheriff’s Office have received several calls from concerned motorists and citizens about the increased traffic violations in and around this area. Lt. Dean Jalas, District Commander of the Iowa State Patrol in Mt. Pleasant, said, “I would ask that motorists traveling in this area do so with caution. With the increased traffic, it is incumbent on everyone to reduce their speed and drive with fewer distractions.” The Iowa Department of Transportation has made several changes in the area, including the reduction of speed to 55 mph, longer turning lanes, and more signs alerting motorists of possible dangers. During this project, Troopers issued 7 citations and 24 warnings for observed traffic violations. The Iowa State Patrol and local law enforcement will continue to make this a high priority throughout the next several months in an effort to create a safe travel environment for everyone.

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