Supt. Explains Status of New School Board Member

Written by on August 13, 2014 in News

Recently appointed Mt. Pleasant School Board member Stephanie Zinkle did not sit at the board table Monday night during the school board’s regular meeting. There was speculation it was because she was not sworn in within the prescribed deadline. KILJ News asked Supt. Mike Wells to clarify the situation and this is his response…..

“After Mrs. Yaley resigned, we wanted to make sure to have due diligence on filling this position. The board felt it was important to be transparent throughout the process. Mrs. Yaley resigned May 31. We advertised in the newspaper and had four candidates apply and interview for the position. We appointed Stephanie Zinkle. She was not sworn in within 10 days but was appointed within the correct time lines. A community group, complained about her not being sworn in within the 10 days. We received legal advice on the issue.. Ahlers Law Firm and Iowa School Board Association. Ahlers view was we could have her on the board and continue with a seven person board. IASB had a different view and felt she should have been sworn in within the 10 days. To be safe, we’ve asked her to sit in the audience and not participate. She will not act on the board unless she is elected in September. We are operating with a six person board.”

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