4-H Clothing Event results announced 

Twenty-one 4-H’ers and seven Clover Kids participated in the Washington County Clothing Event on Sunday, July 10 at the Washington County Extension Office.

4-H members have the option of three categories to participate in:  $15 Challenge, Clothing Selection or Fashion Revue. In the $15 Challenge category, 4-H’ers shopped for second-hand items totaling $15 or less. This excludes accessories, undergarments and shoes.  The Clothing Selection category is purchased clothing and Fashion Revue category is a constructed outfit.

In the Senior $15 Challenge division, Taylor Garman of the 76 Progressives and Zoe Fisher of the Limecreek Limelights were chosen to represent Washington County at the Iowa State Fair Awardrobe Event in the $15 Challenge.  In the Senior Clothing Selection division, Zoe Fisher and Taylor Garman were selected for the Iowa State Fair Awardrobe event and Delaney Gerot was selected as the State Fair alternate. In the Senior Fashion Revue, Isadora Goode of the Kalona Klassics was selected for the Iowa State Fair Awardrobe event. The State Fair Awardrobe Clothing Event will be held on Thursday, August 11.

In the Intermediate $15 Challenge division, Charlotte Sieren received a purple, Ava Greiner received a lavender, and Brock Lowenberg and Paige Malichky received blues.  In the Intermediate Clothing Selection division, Ava Greiner received a purple and Adyson Gerot and Grace Conger received lavendars.

In the Junior $15 Challenge division, Morgan Bruty received a purple and Marlee Greiner, Emma Greiner, and Hayden Norman received lavendars. Receiving blues were Emma Keil, Grace Taylor, Ruby Lowenberg, Piper Malichky, Meredith Campbell, Mycala Plank, and Adlei Marek. In the Junior Clothing Selection category, Emma Greiner received a purple, Marlee Greiner and Morgan Bruty received lavendars, and Emma Keil and Hayden Norman received blues.

A Style Revue for the public will be held at the Washington County Fair on Monday, July 18 in combination with the Share the Fun Event and several Educational Presentations at the Washington Community Center with 4-H members and Clover Kids participating together.