Paul Dennison


60+ years in radio. You name it, I’ve done it. When it comes to radio, I’m all about it.

Kadie Johannson

Sales & General Manager

phoneCell: 319-721-2729

I love telling stories! If you’re trying to highlight the story of your business or organization and want to create a memorable marketing campaign, call me! And yes, I’m Paul’s granddaughter

Slaten Swords

Sports Director

All I know is sports and how to run my mouth… and math. Excited to get to know everyone in the community!

Theresa Rose

News Director

During 35 years with KILJ I think I’ve done everything but sports play-by-play!

Allison Jacobs

Production Manager

The only thing I love more than meeting new people is staying in touch with the ones I already know. I’m looking forward to working with you on your next commercial, program, or anything else you would like to create!

Lora Roth

Traffic Director

20 years of dodging the airwaves but I’m the first face you’ll see when you come to the station… sorry!