Paul Dennison


60+ years in radio. You name it, I’ve done it. When it comes to radio, I’m all about it.

Kadie Johannson

Sales & General Manager

phoneCell: 319-721-2729

I love telling stories! If you’re trying to highlight the story of your business or organization and want to create a memorable marketing campaign, call me! And yes, I’m Paul’s granddaughter

Nathan Bloechl

Sports Director

2019-20 IBNA Sports Play-by-Play Award Winner

Theresa Rose

News Director

During 35 years with KILJ I think I’ve done everything but sports play-by-play!

Anna Greiner

Production & PSA Director

I started as an intern in high school and here I am today. I love what I do and hope you love KILJ too!

Lora Roth

Traffic Director

20 years of dodging the airwaves but I’m the first face you’ll see when you come to the station… sorry!