Broken Ribs Direct Result of Trailer Accident on Friday

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to a multiple vehicle accident at 2:30 in the afternoon on Friday, October 20th. A vehicle pulling a trailer was traveling southbound on Highway 61 when a second vehicle struck the rear left side of the trailer.

According to reports, the second vehicle, owned and operated by Jason Trome, of Warsaw, Illinois, was attempting to pass the trailer in the left lane when a different vehicle came speeding by. This caused Trome to merge back into the lane of the trailer, which caused them to collide.

Trome and the driver of the first vehicle, Stanley Ball of Montrose, exchanged information on scene.

Jason Trome was uninjured and left the scene. Stanley Ball complained of no injuries at the time and reported the accident that at 10:37am on Saturday, the 21st. He went to the hospital the night of the accident complaining of chest pain and was diagnosed with three broken ribs.