Hy-Vee Expands E-Commerce Offerings with New Ship-to-Home Services

Hy-VeeDeals.com and ShopPetShip.com will bring Hy-Vee offerings to all 50 states

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (Dec. 22, 2021) — Hy-Vee, Inc. announces the launch of two websites with ship-tohome services: Hy-VeeDeals.com and ShopPetship.com. The two websites will make a variety of bulk grocery
products, home goods and pet supplies available to shoppers throughout the United States.
Hy-VeeDeals.com, the company’s existing website that aggregates all weekly ads, digital coupons and hot deals,
now also features bulk products that can be shipped directly to customers. Customers can order their favorite
snacks to fill the pantry, as well as household essentials, cleaning products and housewares. Customers can also
purchase household staples in bulk, saving time and money. Additionally, in-store shoppers will be able to take
advantage of bulk savings offered through Hy-VeeDeals.com with a QR code displayed on store shelves.
ShopPetShip.com offers a wide variety of food, treats and supplies for many pets. Customers can also take
advantage of subscription services to have pet supplies shipped directly to their homes, providing added
convenience and time savings and eliminating manual reordering.
“Hy-Vee has been a leader in the e-commerce space for many years since the start of our Aisles Online service.
With Hy-VeeDeals we can share bulk product deals with the entire country,” said Randy Edeker, Hy-Vee’s
chairman and CEO. “Additionally, PetShip will bring a variety of pet products to shoppers across the country,
along with our first subscription service option, which in return will save consumers time and money.”
No membership fees are required. Customers can now visit Hy-VeeDeals.com and ShopPetShip.com to view
available products and place orders.