City Council Stops Electronic Billboards Amendment

A representative of an electronic billboard company addressed the Mount Pleasant City Council Tuesday evening to explain the benefit of allowing these signs in the community.  Robinson Outdoor had requested the City change the current ordinance that allows electronic message signs limited to fifty square feet but prohibits electronic billboards. Following a public hearing during which no one else spoke, the council was split, three yes and three no, on the first reading of an ordinance change and the mayor declared the proposed amendment defeated.

The City was approached by a home occupied business owner who installed a sixteen square foot sign and was directed to take it down.  The business owner asked the council to change the ordinance to allow for that size sign. The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended four square feet.  The current ordinance allows two square feet. None of the council members approved 16 square feet signs but approved of four square feet. Bob Griffith was the only council member to vote against an increase of any size saying these businesses are located in homes in residential areas and should not be any bigger.

During the regular November meeting Tuesday, the Mount Pleasant City Council authorized Mayor Steve Brimhall to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Police Department union agreeing to the proposed resource officer for the school district. The union had already agreed and signed the M.O.U. The next action of the Council was to approve hiring Brad Gillis as that resource officer.

Warner Engineering was approved by the Council to move forward with the planning, design and construction oversite for the West Washington Street rebuild.  And finally the airport five year capital improvement program was approved. Each year, in order for the City to be considered for state and federal funding, the airport must have a program.  The plan is then sent to the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Transportation.