DCI Assisting Fairfield Police With Train Related Death Investigation

On the afternoon of Sunday, April 9, at approximately 1:42 p.m., officers of the Fairfield Police Department responded to the 23rd Street crossing of the local East/West railroad track in response to a call of a person lying near the tracks. Upon arrival at the area in question, officers located the body of 30-year-old Cortney Heather Haynes of Fairfield. Haynes was declared dead at the scene. The injuries observed on Haynes’ remains appeared consistent with having been struck by a moving train.

Shortly after the discovery Haynes’ remains, the Fairfield Police Department contacted the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, requesting assistance in investigating the circumstances leading to Haynes’ death.

Also assisting with the investigation into the death of Haynes is the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office.

For those who feel they may have information to provide relative to the death of Haynes, please contact the Fairfield Police Department – (641) 472-4146.