Fundraiser for the Children of Ukraine More Than Successful

The Mount Pleasant Community, including students, stepped up to help the Retired Teachers organization raise more than twice it’s goal for the War Sucks for Children effort.  The first part of the fundraising project was to put vacuums in the yards of community members who, in turn, donated to have the appliances moved to someone else’s yard.  Vacuums were placed in 94 yards around town. Wednesday evening a fundraiser was held at the Union Block. The group began raising money with a goal of $10,000. Going into the event Wednesday night over $11, 000 had been raised and at the end of the evening the grand total was $26,000! Of that total the Mount Pleasant High School raised over $400 total. The Middle School raised over $600. Van Allen Elementary is donating the remainder of the money they collected in their “Change for Change” campaign at an assembly Thursday morning but that total will top $600 as well. Addington Place in Mount Pleasant is also donating the proceeds of their Lunch for a Cause. The project organizers extend many thanks to the community of Mt Pleasant.