Henry County Supervisors Meeting Agenda 06/27

Henry County Supervisors

100 E Washington St  Ste 202

Mt Pleasant IA  52641

Fax:  319-385-3601


Chad White, Member            Marc Lindeen, Vice-Chairman        Greg Moeller, Chairman    

           319-385-0759                                 319-385-0760                                  319-385-0761________                        



June 27, 2024


1.Approve Agenda

2.Approve Minutes

3.Approve Claims

4.Jake Hotchkiss Engineer Weekly Update

   Open fuel bids

   Resolution to award contract for Nebraska Avenue bridge replacement – BROS(98) project

5.Sarah Berndt, Monthly Update General Assistance

6.Approve Update General Assistance Policy

7.Resolution Approving Transfer of Funds

    From Rural Basic to Secondary Road Funds

8.Resolution Establishing Zoning Fees

9.Resolution Establishing 911 Address Marker Fee

Discussion Regarding Healthy Henry County Communities

Approve MOU for MHASEI for FY25

Other County Business as time allows

Supervisors Sub-Committee Updates