IHSAA to Start Releasing Football Rankings After Week 5

High School Football- The Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) has announced that they will start a rankings committee this season.

The IHSAA stated that they will be utilizing pre-existing Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) for the larger classes, which is 5A, 4A, and 3A, while organizing a rankings committee for the smaller classes (2A, 1A, A, 8-man). The RPI formula has been in use since 2018 and the committees for the smaller classes will consist of two former head coaches, one media member, and three IHSAA staff members.

The first edition of rankings is scheduled for September 25th or after week 5. The rankings will be used for postseason assignments, while still taking school and geography into consideration.

The committee members will be listed below:

Class 2A:

Kevin Bowman, Dewayne Cook, Toby Lorenzen

Class 1A:

Cory Brandt, Ryan Murken, Greg Thomas

Class A:

Jeff Linder, Darrell Schumacher, Delwyn Showalter


Don Anderson, Dave Capitani, Trevor Maeder

IHSAA Staff:

Jared Chizek, Chris Cuellar, Todd Tharp