Iowa High School Girls’ Wrestling State Tournament Day One Results: 4 Local Wrestlers Move on to Day Two

Girls’ State Wrestling- The first sanctioned Iowa Girls’ High School wrestling State Tournament got underway today and out of the 15 wrestlers KILJ was keeping track on, four of them moved on to day two of wrestling here is the full list of results from day one.

In the 100-pound weight class, Hailey Kemper from Fort Madison, and Gabi Robertson of Mid-Prairie qualified for the tournament. Kemper started the day with a win over Koda Fogg by fall but lost her next match in a second period pin by Mariah Michaels of North Central Trailblazers. In the first match of the consolation bracket, Kemper defeated Olivya Mack by fall in 1 minute and 37 seconds. However, her tournament would end in the next match by falling to the fifth-seed Ava McNeal. Gabi Robertson cruised through her first two matches, winning one by fall and the other by a 5-2 decision. She would fall in the quarterfinals to Gable Hemman of Osage, the second seed. Robertson will face off against Lily Webster tomorrow in the consolation bracket.

In the 105-pound weight class, Ella McNamee of Mt. Pleasant mentioned in an interview she did with KILJ how badly she wanted to be wrestling on day two of the tournament and she succeeded in that goal. McNamee won her first match by fall over Grace Hoffmann, but would fall to fourth seed Hillary Trainor by a 7-1 decision. McNamee would go to work in the consolation bracket racking up 2 wins by fall and setting herself up to match up against the eight-seed, Lauren Whitt, as she is eyeing that third-place finish. Madi Lundvall of Wapello was eliminated from the tournament going 0-2 on the day.

Jasmine Luedtke of Ottumwa is tearing her way through the 110-pound weight class, as the two-seed has yet to make it to the second period against an opponent having won each match by fall. She will go against Adyson Lundquist, the third-seed, in the semi-finals tomorrow. Rylee Rice of WACO was eliminated from the tournament after going 1-2 on the day.

In the 135-pound weight class, Ellie Brenneman of Mid-Prairie won her first match of the day by fall but then got bumped to the consolation bracket after losing to Shaylee Sutherland. Brenneman would lose in her first consolation match in an 8-6 decision to the seventh-seed Anastasia Simon, eliminating her from the tournament.

Grace Conway of Mid-Prairie won her first match of the 140-pound weight class by fall in 2 minutes and 18 seconds. She would lose her second match, which moved her to the consolation bracket. In her first match of the consolation bracket, she defeated Naomi Templeman to face off against Emily Watters. In the second period, Watters would get the best of Conway and eliminate her from the tournament.

In the 155-pound weight class, Teegan Sulentich of Washington faced off against Jalyiah Gardner of Keokuk in the first round. Sulentich would win by major decision, 14-2, to move on to the second round to square off against Trinity Rotgers. Rotgers would get the best of her winning in 31-seconds. In the consolation bracket, Sulentich would defeat Leah Schwenker and Saydey Scholbrock to move on to tomorrow’s round against the four-seed, Jose Jecklin. Gardner would defeat Mackenzie Sizemore in a 7-2 decision, but lose to Mairi Sessions in the next round ending her tournament.

In the 170-pound weight class, Ellie Callahan of Mid-Prairie would win against Alexandria Vaul in the consolation bracket but fall to Daynia Werner to end her tournament.

Grace Fort would defeat Kylie Willems in the 190-pound weight class in the first round of the consolation bracket, but Sharidan Engelken would knock Fort out of the tournament by fall. Deliah Subsin of Ottumwa was also eliminated from the tournament.

In the 235-pound weight class, Molly Bramble of Louisa-Muscatine would go 0-2 on the day ending her run through the tournament. Bralyyn Wagler of WACO would win her first match of the day in a 2-1 decision over Katelyn Brokus. The two-seed Savannah Sistad would knock Wagler to the consolation bracket winning by fall. She would defeat McKenna Broadhead by fall in four minutes and 42 seconds. However, Mckenna Fetters would best Wagler by fall, eliminating her from the tournament.

Stay tuned to KILJ for results from day two of the State Tournament.