Jim Mills, of Access Energy Cooperative, appointed to Iowa Illinois Safety Council

 With Occupational Safety and Health Injuries remaining steady and environmental issues top of mind, the Iowa Illinois Safety Council remains diligent in fighting these issues. The addition of these 5 talented individuals will help us fight on the job injuries, and environmental contamination.

The Iowa Illinois Safety Council announced today the appointment of Jim Mills, Scott Kuster, Chris Biellier, Timothy Carey, and John Brouwer to join the Iowa Illinois Safety Council Board of Directors on May 7th. Their impact will be felt immediately as they all will be joining various planning and oversite committees within the council.

“We are always looking for passionate talented people to join us in fulfilling our mission” said Adam Lathrop, Executive Director. “These people definitely fit the mold of what we are looking for in our company leadership.”

Jim Mills works as the Safety Director/Asst. Operations Manager for the Access Energy Cooperative. Jim has a wealth of electrical industry knowledge, and is also a Certified Loss Control Professional.