KILJ Bracket Challenge: Standings Heading into Tonight’s Championship

KILJ Bracket Challenge- It has been 25 days since the first round of March Madness got underway and after 13 upsets in the first round, NC State turned into the true Cinderella Story and looked to become the lowest seed to advance to the championship game, while UConn was looking to take down Alabama for a chance at a repeat.

Unfortunately for the fans of the underdog, NC State never led in the game as the Wolfpack went ice cold in the second half from the field, losing 63-50. Purdue’s Zach Edey is a double-double machine, notching his fifth of the tournament with 20 points and 12 rebounds.

Additionally, Alabama hung in for a half of play against UConn, but it was not enough as all five starters for the Huskies finished in double figures, including Stephon Castle who cashed in for 21 points.

It seems appropriate that the championship will be against two #1 seeds after the lunacy that was the first round of upsets.

Purdue is looking for their first National Championship in program history as this is their first appearance in the title game since 1969 and just their second trip to the finals.

UConn on the other hand has been one of the blue bloods of men’s basketball since the turn of the century with seven trips to the Final Four since 1999 and five National Championships including one from last year.

It will be a battle between Edey and UConn’s Donovan Clingan. Purdue’s 7’4 center, who averages a double-double on the season with nearly 25 points and 12 rebounds, will be up against the 7’2 sophomore who puts up 13 points per game. Will Clingan be able to curtail Edey in the lane?

Great storyline for the championship game, an even better one is how tight the race will be to finish in the top three for the KILJ Bracket Challenge.

Out of the 34 brackets, only eight have been eliminated from competition. Eight brackets also guessed the correct matchup for the National Championship. On average, it was a 50% success rate for picking the Final Four.

The top five went unchanged in terms of standings as Julie Leichty has predicted the last six games correctly as she was the only bracket to correctly pick all four games correctly in the Elite Eight.

Mat Wilson had the highest jump of everyone after being in 26th place through the Elite Eight, he is now in 10th place with 178 points.

Where things might get interesting is of the top ten brackets, only two selected Purdue to win. So, now we wait and see who will end up on top after tonight’s showdown.

Top Ten Brackets

Julie Leichty (Purdue): 250

Rick Bunnell (UConn): 230

Lysha Bunnell (UConn): 226

Ellyanna Bunnell (UConn): 222

Sharon Menke (UConn): 214

Allie Leichty-Hultman (UConn): 212

Karen Brimhall (Purdue): 192

Alan Buckert (UConn): 180

Jeff Broeg (UConn): 178

Mat Wilson (UConn): 178