May 30th, Last Day for Mount Pleasant Schools

At Monday night’s board meeting, the Mount Pleasant Community School Board listened to Superintendent John Henriksen’s proposal of pushing the last day of school a little closer. With the winter weather causing cancellations and delays this year, schools in the district would not end until June 5th. That was until last night. The board voted to approve Henriksen’s request to end classes on Thursday, May 30th.

May 29th will now be a full day of school, instead of half, and May 30th will also be full. Students need to spend at least 1080 hours of instructional learning in the classroom. Mount Pleasant has it built so that the students spend around 30 hours more than that, however, with 5 delays and 5 cancelations, a solution was needed. Mr. Henriksen and the board agreed to use 20 hours of parent-teacher conferences as instructional hours, which is allowed in the Iowa code.

Teachers will still work until June 6th, which has not changed.