Mt. Pleasant Community School Board Meeting Agenda 04/08

4/8/2024, 6:00 PM
Regular Meeting

Meeting Agenda
1. Call To Order
2. Roll Call
3. Approval of Agenda
4. Citizen Comments
5. Public Hearing: FY25 Certified Budget
6. Public Hearing: 2024-2025 School Calendar
7. Science Fair Presentation
8. Approval of Minutes, Claims and Financial Report
9. Reports
a. Instructional Coaches Update
b. Superintendent’s Report
i. Prom and Graduation Update – Mr. Wilson
ii. Grade-Alike Elementary School Update
iii. IASB Summit on Student Success – June 11, Ankeny, IA
iv. Legislative Update
v. FY24 Statewide Free and Reduced Lunch Percentages
vi. FY24 Statewide Limited English Proficiency Percentages
c. Board Committee Reports
i. Finance Committee
ii. Site Committee
iii. Policy Commitee
10. Other Board Communications
11. Consent Items
a. Personnel
b. Open Enrollment
12. Unfinished Business
13. New Business
a. Consideration to Adopt FY25 Budget (Motion)
b. Consider Resolution to Approve FY25 Budget Guarantee (Motion)
c. Consideration to Approve 2024-2025 School Calendar (Motion)
d. Consideration to Approve FY25 Construction/Penny Sales Tax Spending Plan (Motion)
e. Consideration to Approve 24-25 Agreement with Four Oaks Student and Family Services (Motion)
f. First Reading of School Board Policy Series 600 Education Programs (Motion)
i. Board Policy 602.17 School Library (Motion)
ii. New Policy 602.19 Health Education (Motion)
iii. New Policy 602.20 Student Health Services (Motion)
iv. Board Policy 603.02 Objection to Instructional Materials (Motion)
v. New Policy 603.02E1 Request to Prohibit a Student from Accessing Specific Instructional Materials (Motion)
vi. New Policy 603.10 Instructional Library Materials Inspection and Display (Motion)
g. Consideration to Approve 2024-2025 Hot Lunch Prices (Motion)
h. Consideration to Approve 2024-2025 Student Registration Fees (Motion)
i. Consideration to Approve 2024-2025 Substitute Teacher Pay (Motion)
j. Consideration to Approve iJAG Fundraiser (Motion)
k. Negotiations Discussion (Exempt from Open Meetings Law)
14. Adjournment