Nate Dismang Signs on to Play Golf at SCC Next Fall

Mt. Pleasant, IA- Nate Dismang will officially be a Blackhawk come next year as he signed his letter of commitment to Southeastern Community College (SCC) to play golf today. The senior at Mt. Pleasant was the second-best golfer on the squad last year as he averaged a score of 88.33 per 18 holes.

Dismang contributed several factors into his decision to choose SCC, including distance and money saved by not paying for housing, but, namely, he believes Head Coach Mike Swink will help him improve,

“I’m believing that SCC is just a great place and I’m glad that I’m able to have a place to move on with my academics. I’m just glad that I got a hold of Coach Swink, and he helped me out.”

Originally looking at becoming a chiropractor, Dismang soon realized that it was not the path for him; so, he redirected his path towards the family trade of business,

“…My mom and my brother are just huge inspirations as they both majored in business, and I just like how they support others and themselves and that’s just what I want to do.”

With time to still make memories as a Panther, Dismang picked a moment from last year’s season,

“At The Preserve in Moravia, just shooting my all-time low was just the greatest feeling, knowing it’s a super hard course and [I] was able to accomplish it.”

Dismang will be looking to transfer after his two years at SCC to a four-year university where he hopes to continue his golf career. The Panthers will start their season in the spring with a match at Fort Madison’s Sheaffer Memorial Golf Park on April 4th.