New Swine Specialist Ready to Work with Iowa Producers

Although he started under unusual conditions, Romoser is ready to serve Iowans

AMES, Iowa — On Matt Romoser’s first day as the southeast Iowa swine specialist for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, he stayed home.

Ordinarily, a new employee’s first official day would include meeting colleagues, completing paperwork and setting up a new workspace. Because the COVID-19 pandemic had led to Iowa State administration requesting employees work from home where possible, he did the necessary paperwork virtually and started interacting with his new teammates via virtual online platforms.

“Eventually I will be based out of the ISU Extension and Outreach Johnson County office, and will work to serve the entire southeast Iowa region,” he said. “I am excited for this opportunity to serve Iowa pork producers, both independents and integrators.”

In addition to working with fellow extension specialists, he’ll also work with the Iowa Pork Industry Center staff. Romoser said he sees his role as one of a resource for pork producers. His background, education and experience provide a great base for that work.

“As I grew up on our family grain and livestock farm near Keota, I was brought up through 4-H and FFA, and that early interest is the reason I’m active in the swine industry today,” he said. “I attended Iowa State where I received a bachelor’s degree in animal science and a master’s degree focused on swine reproductive technology.”

After graduation, he was a technical services specialist for a swine genetics company where he worked with producers to help maximize production in their operations.

“Along with making good connections, this enhanced my experience in slat level production and learning about the challenges facing producers and possible resolutions for improvement,” Romoser said. “I look forward to being able to offer much of the same expertise, along with others in IPIC, to help all producers.”

Iowa Pork Industry Center Director Jason Ross said Romoser brings a strong set of skills to this position with ISU Extension and Outreach.

“We are excited to have Matt join our team,” Ross said. “His background and knowledge in sow reproduction and management will make him a valued resource to Iowa’s pork producers.”

He’s looking forward to when he’ll be able to visit with producers in person. In the meantime, he invites people to call him at 319-430-7533 or email with their questions and concerns.

“I am passionate about the swine industry, and take great pride in being able to work with operations of all size,” he said. “I especially look forward to getting to meet those in the area, and being available for them at any time.”