New Water Fountain-Salem City Park!

The installation of the new water fountain for Salem City Pak in Salem, Iowa, was completed at the end of May — just in time for school vacation and summer heat.

The new water fountain replaced a crumbling structure that was no longer usable. It is not only Handicap/Children Accessible but also has a spout for refilling water bottles.

The project began last year, but various complications interfered with its completion. “It was very frustrating,” remarked Salem City Council Member Tarrant French, who had proposed the project and was the primary community volunteer to work on its installation. “Supply chain issues put delivery back until mid-summer, and although we had the old fountain removed and the site prepared, we couldn’t install the fountain and pour the concrete because the temperatures wouldn’t allow the concrete to set properly. Fortunately, we had a window of opportunity this spring, and we finished the installation with the help of our new Public Works Manager, Nick Edge. The concrete is solid; the fence is down – everything ready in time for school vacation.”

The purchase of the new fountain was made possible by a grant from The Henry County Enrichment Foundation.

Kelly Andermann, Mayor of Salem, stated, “We are very grateful to The Henry County Enrichment Foundation for their support of this much-needed replacement and for their patience with the project completion. The Salem town square, with its shade, benches, and playground, is well-used by people in the community and by the frequent visitors to our historic town.