Ordinance Allowing MP Police to Use Speed Radar Equipment Doesn’t Make it Past 2nd Reading

Four “no” votes kept a proposed ordinance allowing for the use of Lidar speed radar equipment in Mount Pleasant from going any further than a second reading.  The Mount Pleasant City Council heard from several citizens during Monday night’s City Council meeting and then voted four to two against going to a third reading and possible passage of the ordinance that would have allowed the local police to work with Blue Line Systems for monitoring speed and then billing for and collecting fines. Bob Griffith and Terry McWilliams were there “yes” votes. Steve Engberg, Matt Crull, Kent White and Jeff Batty all voted “no.”

There were citizens in attendance supporting both sides of the question.  Residents on South Walnut Street expressed concern about the speeding dangers on their street and felt the police needed all available tools to deter speeders.  Others, including Council member Crull felt that just paying a speeding ticket wouldn’t be enough of a deterrent. If Blue Line Systems issues the ticket nothing goes against the driver’s record. There was also concern expressed regarding the lack of personal contact between the police and the driving public.