Police Request Assistance With Theft Investigation

Between 12/19/2020 and 12/17/2020 the Mount Pleasant Police responded to several reports of theft in the Ashford Park/Linden Heights area.  The items taken were mostly lawn decorations and ornaments.

On 12/17/2020 numerous items were recovered including some of the items reported stolen.  Several more items were found that were stolen but the owners are unknown.

The Police are asking for anyone who may have had items stolen to call in and describe the items.  The Department hopes to have everything returned to the rightful owners before Christmas.

Please call the Mount Pleasant Police Department office Monday thru Friday 8 am to 4 pm at 319-385-1450.

This is an ongoing investigation.

The Police always encourage people to call in any thefts or vandalism in order to track crime better and hopefully resolve it before it gets worse.