SEIRPC Meeting Agenda 05/23

Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission

Full Board

May 23, 2024

Call In: (312) 626-6799  Meeting ID: 825 8949 5979

                        12:00 PM

211 N. Gear Ave., Suite 100 West Burlington, IA 52655


Meeting Type                     Full Board

—– Agenda —–

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1.     Department Reports

2.     Public Hearing: Final Draft FY2025 Transportation Planning Work Program (TPWP): Resolution #183-2024: A Resolution

Adopting the FY2025 Transportation Planning Work

Program, Authorizing Filing of Grant Application and

Execution of Grant Contracts Consistent with the Work

Program; and Resolution #184-2024: A Resolution Assuring

Local Match for FHWA STP, FHWA SPR and FTA5311 Funds











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