Statement from HCHC Chief Re: GRHS Agreement

The Henry County Health Center (HCHC) Board of Trustees has unanimously approved an expanded lease agreement with Great River Health (GRH). HCHC has worked under a management agreement with GRH for more than 10 years, a partnership that has resulted in the high-quality healthcare provided to Henry County residents today. The agreement is designed to ensure residents of Henry County can receive the same level of healthcare for the foreseeable future – including continued relationships with primary care providers and access to critical care needs.

The decision was made by the HCHC Board from a position of strength. However, as the healthcare industry continues to experience rapid changes, it is important that HCHC more formally join forces with a trusted partner with a proven track record of strengthening local healthcare. GRH has demonstrated many times over the years that it values and puts local residents first. Together with GRH, HCHC will shape Henry County’s future, enhancing services and providing long-term stability for healthcare needs, including our continued ability to provide critical emergency medical services to the residents of Henry County.

The lease agreement will ultimately be decided by a special proposition vote by Henry County residents in March 2021. HCHC and GRH are committed to helping residents understand the many benefits that will come from this lease agreement, and will engage with the community more as the vote approaches.