The Tigers are Back in the AMC

Iowa Wesleyan- The American Midwest Conference (AMC) announced they will be letting their previous member back into the Conference for the 2023-2024 academic year. The last time Iowa Wesleyan was in the AMC was from 1993-1995 when the Conference was referred to as the Show-Me Collegiate Conference. Will Wolper, the AMC Commissioner had this to say about their addition of Iowa Wesleyan,

“Our Council of Presidents, Board of Athletics Administrators and Site Visit Team were highly impressed with all aspects of Iowa Wesleyan University, its senior leadership, athletics staff, student-athletes and facilities. They are a perfect addition to the American Midwest Conference.”

Only two athletic programs out of the 18 offered by Iowa Wesleyan will not join the AMC, as football will continue competing in the North Star Athletic Conference and women’s wrestling will continue to compete in the Heart of America athletic conference. Derek Zander, Iowa Wesleyan Vice President for Advancement and Athletics, stated that he was honored and excited to compete with the AMC and to build on the University’s athletic success.