Thrice is Nice: New London’s Lopez Earns Third State Title

By: Nathan Bloechl — 

(Photo Courtesy: Jim Slosiarek/The Gazette)

Des Moines — Marcel Lopez keeps etching his name into history.

The Magic Man from New London, who appropriately took a bow following his latest masterpiece, is now a three-time state champion.

Lopez defeated Lisbon’s Brandon Paez by decision (1-0) in tonight’s 1A-120 pound finals, creating a legacy that many in the state strive for.

It wasn’t pretty at times this tournament for Lopez, but does it even have to be?

All he did was win, win, win and win again.

Now, he’s coming back as a senior for a feat so rare that only 28 wrestlers in Iowa High School history have done it: four years, four state titles.

Lopez ends his junior campaign with a record of 60-0.

New London, be proud.

Your man is coming home a champion.