UConn Ends our KILJ Bracket Challenge with a Bang

KILJ Bracket Challenge- Much like how the University of Connecticut was unranked heading into the season and knocked off ranked opponents throughout the competition, our KILJ Bracket Challenge, sponsored by the Press Box and Wiley’s Interior Furnishings and Design, winner did just that.

“BGO5 13” is this year’s winner after finishing with 1,060 points and picking UConn to win the national championship knocking “broekerb 1” from his top spot that he held for much of the tournament. Finishing in 2nd place and earning a prize of their own is “flip25 1” with 1,010 points. Finishing in 3rd and 4th place was “breantallenrich 3” and “broekerb 1,” respectively.

Remember to email sports@kilj.com the name of your bracket and phone number, and if you did expect a follow-up before Easter Weekend. Thank you all for participating, congratulations to our top two finishers, and a big thank you to the Press Box and Wiley’s Interior Furnishings and Designs for helping us put this together! Below is a reminder of the prizes.

Prize Reminders:

First prize:

-1 cabin rental from Henry County Conservation.


-$100 Gift Certificate to Wiley’s Interior Furnishings and Design.


-2 Midwest Old Threshers gate passes.


Second prize:

-A Meal a month from the Press Box.


-2 Midwest Old Threshers gate passes.


-2 Festival of Lights tickets.