WACO School Board Meeting

WACO Community School District
Regular Board of Education Meeting
Tentative Agenda
Board Room
WACO Junior/Senior High
Wayland, Iowa
Monday, January 17, 2022
5:30 pm
I. Call to Order—Roll Call
II. Approval of Agenda (with necessary amendments or deletions)
III. Recognition of Visitors & Communications – Amy Langr and 1st graders, STEAM
IV. Review WACO Mission Statement—The mission of the WACO Community School
District is to develop responsible, productive citizens who view learning as a life-long
process. WACO’s educational environment encourages continuous improvement,
problem-solving, measurable outcomes, and community involvement.
V. Consent Agenda
A. Approval of Minutes
B. Financial Reports
C. Bills for Payment
D. Personnel-Resignation: Jane Koch, Secondary Vocal and Instrumental Music
E. Open Enrollment-Rowan Connop (3) WACO to WMU, Briar Connop (5) WACO to
WMU, Jeffery Marsh (11) WACO to WMU
VI. Old Business
A. Second Reading of Policies 605.1-605.6R1 and 490.2-490.2E1
VII. New Business
A. Early Retirement
B. Discussion only on summer sports
C. 28E Agreement with WMU, TAG services
D. First Reading of Policies: 606.1 – 607.2
VIII. Administrative Reports
A. Superintendent
B. Principals – Elementary, High School
IX. Board Comments/Reports
X. Adjourn