WMU Public Hearing and Regular Meeting


Budget Public Hearing and Regular Board  Meeting

TENTATIVE AGENDA ~ LIBRARY, W-MU 6:00 p.m. ~ April 12, 2023

  1. Call to Order for Public Hearing
  2. Roll Call
  3. Public Comment
  4. Consider 2023-24 Budget
  5. Adjournment



  1. Call to Order for Regular Meeting
  2. Roll Call
  3. Public Comment
  4. Consent Agenda

D1.  Minutes, Bills, Financial Reports

D2.  Personnel Hirings/Resignations

  1. Reports

E1.  Building Reports

E2.  Superintendent Report

  1. General Business

F1. Consider budget guarantee resolution:  RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors of Winfield

Mt. Union Community School District, will levy property tax for fiscal year 2023-24 for the regular

program budget adjustment as allowed under section 257.14, Code of Iowa.

F2.  Public Hearing & Consideration of 2023-24 School Calendar

F3.  Consider Shared Superintendent Agreement with Columbus CSD

F4.  Consider Mowing Bids

F5.  Consider Transportation/Travel Regulations

  1. Adjourn