2nd Reading of Moratorium for Wind Energy Discussion

The 2nd Reading of the Resolution to Establish a Temporary Moratorium on the Rezoning of Land to the Alternative Energy Overlay District was read on Thursday’s Henry County Supervisor meeting.

With a smaller crowd than last time, but still a sizable 20, citizens listened as Supervisor White read the resolution. According to the supervisors, this moratorium allows the Planning and Zoning Commission time to do their “due diligence” and make a comprehensive plan.

A citizen thanked the supervisors for slowing this process down. Supervisor Lindeen said that the moratorium is to make sure the facts are presented, not just speculation.

Currently, a solar energy resolution is being looked at as well by the County Attorney’s Office, which is responsible for the language in the moratorium regarding Wind Energy.

When it comes to citizen comments, the best way to communicate is still through the supervisors email supervisors@henrycountyiowa.us They read through these emails and send them along to the Planning and Zoning Director, who then sends them to the commission.

The 3rd, and final reading, will take place on Tuesday, April 2nd, at 10:00am.