9-15-21 Henry County COVID-19 Update

14-day average for positive cases: 14.5%

Number of cases last 3 days: 35

Number of cases last 7 days: 68

Number of cases last 14 days: 129

Percentage of residents 12+ years of age fully vaccinated….54.2%

Henry Public Health is seeing more and more positive cases each day, especially in children. PLEASE help protect yourself and others and wear a mask in public places, social distance, wash your hands, stay home if you are sick, and get vaccinated if you are able! Visit healthyhenrycounty.org/covid for information on walk-in clinics, updated quarantine guidance, and more.

Henry County Public Health is sharing these regular updates to hopefully provide the most helpful information to keep you informed. There is a lot of data out there so they are reporting from their local public health portal, with the exception of the vaccinated percentage which comes from the CDC Data Tracker since that breaks it out by eligible residents instead of just all residents. Some places report the average positivity percentage based on positive tests instead of cases, but people may take multiple tests so that number will be different.