9-29-21 Henry County COVID-19 update

14-day positivity rate for individuals: 14.7%

14-day positivity rate for tests taken (includes duplicate tests): 9.6%

# of cases last 3 days: 24

# of cases last 7 days: 51

# of cases last 14 days: 158

% of residents 12+ years of age fully vaccinated: 55.2%

% of all residents fully vaccinated: 47%

Think about who you interact with each day and if they are at a higher risk due to age or health concerns, please consider getting vaccinated to help protect them. This virus is continuing to spread throughout our communities. Public Health does not have the Pfizer vaccine, but continues to hold walk-in vaccine clinics for Moderna or J&J at 106 N. Jackson St. Monday – Friday 8am-3:30pm UNTIL those boosters are approved. Then we will change to all off-site appointment clinics. We will post updates here.

**We are sharing these regular updates to hopefully provide the most helpful information to keep you informed. There is a lot of data out there so we are reporting data from our local public health portal, with the exception of the vaccinated % which comes from the CDC Data Tracker since they break it out by eligible residents instead of just all residents.**