988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Number

988, the suicide and crisis lifeline number, recently reminded everyone of 5 steps you can take to help those that are in crisis.

1.) Ask: Are you thinking about suicide? How do you hurt? How can I help?

2.) Be there: In person or on the phone. Show support. Listen. Keep promises to connect.

3.) Help keep them safe: If the person in crisis is suicidal, details matter. Do they have a plan, or ideas about timing or method? You can call 988 to support their crisis care.

4.) Help them connect: When someone is in crisis, connecting them with ongoing support can help establish a safety net. Remind them they can call, text, or chat 988 to connect with a trained crisis counselor 24/7.

5.) Follow up: After the immediate crisis is over, check in with your friend.

Always remember that you can be a lifeline for someone who is in crisis. Remember 988, the suicide and crisis lifeline number.