Primary Election Day Unofficial Results

Tuesday was primary election day. Republicans in the new Iowa House District 87 had to choose a candidate for the November General election between two incumbents. The recent redistricting that occurred across the state due to the 2020 census forced State Representatives Joe Mitchell of Mount Pleasant and Jeff Shipley of Birmingham into a face-off for the nomination. District 87 represents all of Van Buren County and parts of Jefferson and Henry County. Mitchell previously represented all of Henry County in the Iowa House and, as expected, won the precincts in Henry County that are part of District 87 by a vote of 697 to 243. However, it looks like Shipley, who is from Birmingham in Van Buren County had his home county on his side. He received 650 votes. Mitchell received 313. Shipley also won the Jefferson County precincts in District 87- 712 to 309. Final totals…Shipley 1,605, Mitchell 1,319. On the Democrats ballot Mike Heaton dips his toe into politics without competition. Heaton and Shipley will run against each other in November.  Henry County was split in the re-districting. So…the rest of the county is now in House District 95 along with all of Louisa County and parts of Des Moines and Muscatine Counties. Taylor Collins of Mediapolis receives the Republican nomination unopposed. There were no candidates on the Democrats ballot.