Abandoned Vehicle in Lee County Results in OWI Investigation

Lee County Deputies were dispatched to the River Road area outside of Keokuk on Thursday to look for a vehicle that had been involved in a hit and run driving northbound. A short while later a call came in about a vehicle matching that description in a ditch at 3381 River Road. When deputies arrived, the individual had fled the scene. The vehicle had a matching plate number to the one that fled from Keokuk. A witness stated she saw a white male in a yellow shirt and dark hair walking away from the scene of the accident asking people for rides. The deputies were able to locate the individual identified as Jacob Thompson. Thompson reportedly had the smell of an alcoholic beverage and was stumbling and slurring words. Officers had to ask Thompson several times to put his hands behind his back and quit pulling away. Keokuk police took Thompson to the Keokuk Police Department for further OWI investigation.