Absentee Ballot Information for MPCSD Board Election

The Mt. Pleasant Community School Board will host a special election on September 12th, 2023. After speaking with the Henry County Auditor’s office, we do know that they do not currently have the ballots needed. However, early voting is still an option for those that need to utilize this.

If you need to vote early, the office will let you fill out a paper ballot on Wednesday and Thursday and the absentee workers will set these ballots aside. Once the electronic ballot is running, those workers will open that separate stack and fill out an electronic ballot based on those votes. If you can wait until Friday or next week to fill out a ballot, that would be easiest for both parties involved.

Voters will have the chance to decide on the Revenue Purpose Statement (RPS) which governs how the school district can spend the statewide penny sales tax for school infrastructure. This money is typically used for building renovations, school bus purchases, and more.

Currently, the school district has broad flexibility on how they spend this money, and they would prefer to keep it that way. The district benefits from about 2 million dollars a year from this penny tax.