Affects of Sunday Night Storms

So far there have been no reports that any tornadoes were spotted Sunday in Henry County but the high winds, hail and heavy rainfall were enough to cause alarm.  A severe thunderstorm warning went out about 6:30 pm followed by the high winds that brought what looked like a sandstorm. Temps dropped and the skies became dark as the winds reached reported speeds of 60 plus miles per hour. The rain finally arrived and continued thru the night. Totals varied. So far this morning the KILJ report is .52 inches Mount Pleasant Utilities had to dispatch crews to deal with a widespread power outage. Some parts of town maintained power thru out the storm.  Other areas lost electricity as soon as the winds became severe and as of 8:30 pm were still without.  There were also power outages reported in the rural areas. KILJ is checking in with electric providers and Mount Pleasant Public Works Department today for other reportable damages.

As far as damage, the front window of the HyVee convenience store behind the check out area blew out causing damage inside and outside the store. No injuries were reported. And the store opened as usual this morning. Semis had a hard time staying upright and of course limbs and trees came down.

Just after 8 pm there was a report of a motor vehicle crash at the corner of  South Main and Warren  in Mount Pleasant involving a Arkansas Vortex storm chaser vehicle and a truck. It looks like the storm chaser vehicle was headed south on Main when the driver of the truck pulled in to the path of the storm chaser vehicle. Just before 9 pm the Mount Pleasant Fire Department and other responders were called out headed north on Grand Avenue.  We are checking in with fire and law enforcement officials for more details.