ALERRT Training for New London Community School District Staff

On Wednesday November 15th, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office and the New London Community School District, with help from the New London Police Department, provided “active attack training” at the New London Community Schools.

Staff members were instructed by Deputy Lopez, who is the Student Resource Officer for New London. Prior to his appointment as SRO, he first was trained in ALERRT, Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training. This course was provided by Texas State University, where Deputy Lopez learned how to instruct others in safety and response for active shooter situations.

This training was a walk through of the basics, to provide the staff in the school district with the fundamentals of protecting their students and themselves in the horrific event. The plan taught to school districts across the country is to “run, hide, fight.” First, teachers are taught to get students out of the immediate situation. If that is not an option, those in this situation need to hide. Fighting the assailant is the last resort.

After speaking with the Henry County Sheriff, it was revealed that there will be more training to come. The purpose of this training is to keep our youth safe.