An opportunity to help your letter carrier

The United States Postal Service is asking for the cooperation of postal customers to keep walkways and mailboxes clear of snow and ice to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of mail.  This includes curbside boxes, Cluster Box Units (CBUs), and boxes mounted at other designated locations.


In order to deliver mail, our carriers need clear access to mailboxes. This is for our employees’ safety, as well as yours as you retrieve your mail.  Letter carriers are especially vulnerable to slips, trips and falls during the winter months and it is extremely important to keep walkways free and clear of snow and ice to help reduce the danger of a letter carrier suffering a serious slipping injury.


Postal employees make every reasonable effort to deliver mail in many difficult weather conditions. However, there may be instances when we are unable to safely deliver due to access concerns caused from winter weather.


Your help is deeply appreciated by your letter carrier and the many men and women working together to ensure you receive timely and consistent service.