It’s Not You, It’s Me: Take a Break From Your Phone This Week

In honor of Screen Free Week Monday, May 6 to Sunday, May 12, UScellular encourages everyone to take the Phones Down for 5 Challenge, a UScellular “Built for US” initiative meant to inspire people to take a break from technology for five days, five hours or even just five minutes.

Screen Free Week is organized by the nonprofit organization Fairplay. This is an annual event that encourages people to take a break from screen-based entertainment.

Smartphones are an essential part of everyday life that help us do so many things. But in a recent UScellular survey*, nearly 75% of respondents said they spend at least an hour on social media every day with 24% spending three to four hours per day. Nearly a third of respondents said they want to take an intentional break from their phone, which makes Screen Free Week an ideal time for people to spend time away from their screens and reset their relationship with technology.

“We encourage everyone to take a break from their devices during Screen Free Week to connect with what matters most,” said Joshua Olbricht, UScellular’s director of sales and operations for east Iowa. “By taking the Phones Down for 5 Challenge or taking a break in a way that works for you, our hope is that everyone can make the most of their screen-free time and foster a healthier relationship with technology.”

In addition to Phones Down for 5, UScellular has created the following tips to help your Screen Free Week be a success:

Reconnect with Family and Friends. Talk about your favorite memories with your partner. Take a friend you have not seen in a long time out to dinner. Invite your neighbors to a game night with board games. Try making a brand-new recipe or dish for your family. Make experiences that are unique and impossible to duplicate if you were glued to your phone.

Have More Parental Control. UScellular recently partnered with Bark to help parents and families navigate life with their digital devices. With Bark, parents can monitor their child’s social media activity, manage screen time and help prevent digital dangers including cyberbullying, unsafe websites and more with real-time alerts. Upon checkout, use code USCCARES to receive one month free.

Be a Creative Genius. Painting and drawing are activities that not only allow you to express your creativity, but they also provide a sense of accomplishment and relaxation during your unplugging session. If you are feeling crafty, you could also make your own jewelry, furniture or decor for your home.

Unplug with Your Kids. Establish healthier digital boundaries with your children with UScellular and Screen Sanity’s Smarter Start Toolkit. It includes educational and actionable tools, tips and an agreement for both parents and kids, so everyone can use technology in a more thoughtful way.

Get out. Work out. Chill out. Take a break from being on your device by spending time outdoors and getting some fresh air on a walk or bike ride. The Great Outdoors offers plenty of exercise options, as well. Try to go for a run or shoot some hoops. If technology plays a significant role in your self-care regimen, be sure to substitute it for peaceful activities during your screen-free time.